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Taking Care of Elvis

Taking Care of Elvis is not a film about Elvis impersonators or the hidden whereabouts of the King of Rock ‘n Roll, but rather the vast legions of ordinary fans out there whose undying, unapologetic loyalty to Elvis Presley has become a baffling phenomenon which promises to travel and flourish for decades. Warm, funny and sometimes blisteringly personal, this film follows a pilgrimage of hardcore Elvis fans from Australia to Graceland. Interwoven with the journey of the fans, we meet a procession of nobodies, somebodies and insiders who give us their own spin on the Elvis dream factory. Larry Geller, hairstylist and spiritual advisor to the King, perhaps explains the magic best. Elvis felt he owed his fans everything, and he gave them his best. In taking care of his fans, some 20 years on, they’re taking care of him.

The Team

Producers: Sally Browning

Director: Katey Grusovin & David Grusovin

Taking Care Of Elvis

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