• Project Planet

    Project Planet

    Five passionate students have been recruited by Project Planet to lead their schools into a more sustainable future.

  • End Violence Against Children Campaign 2017

    End Violence Against Children Campaign 2017

    Emerald Films was commissioned to produce a public service announcement to highlight the end violence against children campaign for…

  • Drop Dead Weird

    Drop Dead Weird

    Drop Dead Weird is a children’s comedy series that follows the hilarious antics of an Australian family who move…

  • This Is Me

    This Is Me

    We live in a beautiful country, with truly amazing kids. They might be super smart or amazingly sporty. They…

  • Makiita’s Story

    Makiita’s Story

    “I don’t know exactly what my future will hold, or what my future will be…” 17 year old Makiita…

  • The Christmas Cake

    The Christmas Cake

    The Christmas Cake is a documentary about two very old, very tiny but highly spirited Australian Labor Party matriachs,…

  • Taking Care of Elvis

    Taking Care of Elvis

    Taking Care of Elvis is not a film about Elvis impersonators or the hidden whereabouts of the King of…

  • The Secret Safari

    The Secret Safari

    The Secret Safari documents the ANC’s most secret and successful gun running operation during the Apartheid era.

  • The Diplomat

    The Diplomat

    The Diplomat follows East Timorese freedom fighter and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jose Ramos-Horta in the final year of…

  • Stranger In The Family

    Stranger In The Family

    Stranger in the Family documents the experiences of a group of autistic children participating in a special program of…